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Character Education

Character Education and Virtues

At Anker Valley, we deliver Character Education, the goal of which is the good life: one in which we can flourish as human beings, achieve our potential and live meaningfully and harmoniously in communities with others.

In order to achieve this, we promote the acquisition and development of virtues and it is the virtues we have acquired which go to make up our character. A virtue is the ability to act in a particular way in a specific situation to bring about a good outcome.

Virtues such as courage, kindness, persistence, love of learning and self-discipline are all around us, in us and in the lives of the people we know. Once we have acquired a virtue, we become able to manage our emotions and give reasons for why we choose a particular course of action; we learn to deliberate and assume much more control over how we act in the circumstances we face.

Our desire, by delivering Character Education, is to see our children flourish, thrive and be happy and to live a life which is good and which is supported by strong and supportive relationships. The sessions delivered aim to make teachers and children aware of the process of growth in virtue and to develop not just a vocabulary of the virtues, but an understanding of the process of learning to live a good life so that character education becomes taught and learned, as well as caught.