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Mathematics Curriculum Aims

Our Vision

At Anker Valley Primary Academy, we aim for our children to develop a love of Maths where they feel excited and inquisitive towards their learning. Each child will understand the importance of Maths by noticing the links to it in their everyday life. An Anker Valley mathematician is courageous, logical and resilient. 

Through our Maths curriculum, teachers:

  • plan to enable all learners to make connections between prior and new learning and make links across different units of work.
  • plan opportunities for spaced retrieval to ensure long term learning.
  • encourage children to communicate their ideas and understanding orally, in writing, and by using a variety of representations.
  • plan retrieval practice in maths, where pupils must try to remember without any priming or re-teaching from us because we want memory strengthening to happen. Teachers recognise that retrieval practice is a learning technique, not an assessment technique.

As part of our mathematics curriculum, we follow the White Rose Maths schemes of learning, based on 'small steps' progression and yearly frameworks, which provide the foundation for secure learning, confidence and competence in mathematics. We utilise White Rose schemes of learning because:

  • Topics are introduced to children in a logical order and revisited throughout the year to encourage deep learning and ensure children have the foundational knowledge they need, before moving on to more advanced maths concepts and tackling more challenging number problems.
  • Its inclusive approach is based on the use of concrete objects (counters, snap cubes, coloured rods), pictorial representations and abstract methods to help pupils develop a secure, long-lasting and adaptable understanding of mathematics.
  • The scheme includes a sequence of ‘blocks’ of mathematics including ‘small steps’ which are again sequenced in order of difficulty and dependency.
  • We recognise that just spending a good chunk of time on a topic doesn’t mean that all pupils will ‘master’ it the first time they see it. Pupils need to see it again and again in different contexts and in different years to help them truly develop their understanding on their journey to mastery and have opportunities to revisit and reinforce learning is also built into the White Rose schemes of learning.

The White Rose scheme is also utilised in Reception because it underpins the Educational Programme for Mathematics (EYFS Framework 2021), enabling us to deliver a curriculum that embeds foundational mathematical knowledge, mathematical thinking and talk. 

We use and model accurate mathematical vocabulary in our teaching and children are expected to use it in their verbal and written explanations. Sentence stems are another integral part of our lessons, which aid our pupils by being a representation of the mathematical skill they are learning and aid them to move onto working in the abstract.

Lessons will include:

  • A mix of teacher-led and pupil-led learning through the use of the I do, We do and You do model.
  • Exploration of maths using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.
  • Fun and engaging activities and contexts.
  • Opportunities to further extend and challenge learners to deepen understanding.
  • Key questioning throughout.

An Anker Valley Mathematician will be:

  • Confident and able to recall and apply mathematical knowledge in different contexts.
  • Able to explain their methods and thinking processes and apply skills in context.
  • Fluent in different areas of maths.
  • Efficient in applying problem-solving and reasoning skills.
  • An independent thinker.
  • Aware of the Maths/ concepts/ process they are doing.
  • Demonstrate resilience. 

Fierte Trust Mathematics Videos on Youtube 

In order to support parents and provide them with information about how we teach calculation strategies, separate playlists have been created for each type of calculation.

Please click on the links below to access the playlists:

Miss Jade Matthews is the Mathematics Lead at Anker Valley.