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Our very own hungry caterpillars!

Dragonflies have loved watching their caterpillars grow and emerge as beautiful butterflies!

Dragonflies received a special delivery of four baby caterpillars. We read the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and found out about the lifecycle of butterflies as we watched the caterpillars grow day by day before making their way to the top of the pot and forming a chrysalis. The children all wrote predictions about the colours of the butterfly wings and couldn't wait to see if their prediction was going to be correct.  It seemed to take a long time for the butterflies to emerge, but Dragonflies waited very patiently and on the last day of term the four butterflies hatched. We fed them watermelon and a special sugary syrup, before we released them into our outside area. The butterflies appeared to want to stay with Dragonflies for a little longer and landed on two of the Dragonfly children before finally flying off to find their new home!