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Porridge, Spital Chapel, Snow and Drums!

What a busy week it has been in Dragonflies this week!

Our Traditional Tale this week, is Goldilocks and The Three Bears and on Tuesday we explored how to make the porridge 'just right' for Goldilocks. The children helped to make and stir the porridge, they chopped the fruit and then sampled different toppings, including honey, pears, apples and bananas. Some of the Dragonflies tried porridge for the first time and others who said that they had tried it before and didn't like it, tried again and found that actually they now like porridge! They all had a go at recording which toppings they liked the best and their favourite topping was honey. It  would be lovely to see photos or hear about the children trying other toppings for their porridge at home too.

On Wednesday, Dragonflies came to school in their brightly coloured clothing to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi. Holi is  known as the 'fesitval of colours', it is a Hindu festival that celebrates spring, love and new life. It's a colourful festival, with dancing, singing and throwing of powder paint and coloured water.  The children found out about an area of India called Jaipur where as part of the Holi festival they have a parade of decorated elephants. In the creative area, the children created pictures of decorated elephants and these will be displayed soon on the board outside so keep your eyes peeled. 

We also walked to Spital Chapel, which is a small chapel hidden away on the Ashby Road. This visit links to our RE learning and discussions about places of worship for Christians. Reverend Dyson explained that Spital Chapel is the same age as St Editha's and has been used as a hospital and a stable in the past. The Chapel holds a service every other Sunday and Reverend Dyson showed the children how people may choose to pray during the service and the special books, which are used for the different types of services, including the Bible. Reverend Dyson rang the bell for Dragonflies to hear and they were very surprised that when we came out of the Chapel it had started to snow. The children listened beautifully, answered questions and enjoyed spotting the different important features of the Chapel. They were also very sensible on the walk back to school, as with the snow and wind it was a very chilly walk! A big thank you to Miss Lisa and Miss Stacey for joining us on our visit. 

To finish the week, the children enjoyed a fabulous drumming workshop as part of the 'Rock It' music session. It has definitely been a very busy week for Dragonflies and they will be ready for a rest this weekend, as will Miss Garrett and Mrs Free!