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Anker Valley Primary Academy

Anker Valley Primary Academy

Foundation Subjects Overview

Here at Anker Valley, we strive for excellence across the entire curriculum and our foundation subjects are considered to be as important as the core lessons.  We have designed a curriculum which ensures that our children acquire the depth of knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as enjoyment that they require to thrive.

Our foundation subjects are taught through a range of exciting and engaging topic lessons in 6 week units, while maintaining the integrity of individual subjects. Through the exploration of different and diverse themes including: Local area studies, World War II, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings, Kenya, and Sustainability, the children learn about their world both past and present.  Within each unit, there are opportunities in the timetable to allow further exploration of theme subjects through the use of languages, food, music, dance and art. Staff will also provide further opportunities for memorable learning through the use of trips, visitors and wider experiences.

Mrs Natalie Horlor is the Curriculum Lead at Anker Valley.