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Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum Aims

At Anker Valley Primary Academy, we want our children to make sense of what they have learnt in RE and gain an understanding of different cultures and religions through shared experiences, reasoning and reflection. Our intent is for our children to understand differences and live among our diverse communities as considerate and responsible individuals.

The aim of our RE teaching is to deepen children’s critical thinking skills through greater subject knowledge and also to allow their own spiritual development. Our belief is that, using an enquiry-based model well, children’s critical thinking skills can be developed, their motivation to learn increased, and their knowledge and understanding of, and empathy with people and their beliefs, religious or otherwise, will be enhanced. This approach takes very seriously the philosophy that children are free to make their own choices and decisions concerning religion and belief. Through our RE programme our children:

Learn about religion by:

  • Gaining a secure knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of Christianity.
  • Beginning to explore other faiths and perspectives including Islam, Hinduism and other World religions (Humanism).

Learn from religions by developing the ability to:

  • Express curiosity about fundamental questions of life
  • Understand and use religious language
  • Reflect on beliefs, practices, values and traditions in order to understand their influence on the individual, on community life and on culture (including British Values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of life)
  • Understand that for some questions there are no right or wrong answers
  • Make informed responses to religious and moral issues
  • Identify the relationship between religious beliefs, human responsibility, global issues and the natural world

In line with the 2023 Revised Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus, through the provision of our RE curriculum, we want our children to acquire:

  • An increasing core of insightful knowledge concerning religions and beliefs, by exploring religious beliefs, teachings and practices 
  • A developing capacity to engage with ultimate questions and to formulate their own sense of identity and values; by engaging with fundamental questions
  • A growing range of the social, spiritual and emotional skills and dispositions appropriate to living well in a religiously plural and open society, through informed discussion and personal reflection


At Anker Valley Primary Academy, we follow the 2023 Revised Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus. Each RE lesson will provide an opportunity to explore, build knowledge and understanding, and encourage children to reflect on the subject. By the end of the unit, each child reflects on what they have learned throughout the enquiry to reach their own conclusion. Children are taught to respect each other's views and opinions. 

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development

We recognise that a good quality RE curriculum can be a key contributor to providing opportunities children's SMSC development. Across our Curriculum, SMSC opportunities are identified and are mapped on the overview grid for each year group.

British Values

Religious Education is a key player in engendering knowledge and understanding which can lead to tolerance and respect for others and their beliefs. It encourages evaluation and critical thinking, equipping our children to take time to consider the belief positions they encounter. RE contributes significantly to the British Values agenda and the mapping documents clearly show the British Values links across the year groups. British Values include: Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. 

Other ways in which we promote a broad religious education for all is by reading stories from a range of cultures and religions, using real life examples that are in the news and bringing children’s attention to celebrations and traditions. This will ensure that all children develop a good understanding of respect and tolerance for all. 

Mrs Kerry Davies is the RE Lead at Anker Valley.