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Dog's Trust Assembly and Workshops

Today, Sarah from The Dog's Trust visited the children in Dragonflies and Herons and led a special assembly about having a school dog and how to look after them so that they are always happy. Each class then had a special workshop. 

During the Class Workshops, Sarah, shared the work of the Dog's Trust with the children. Sarah shared with the children the different types of feelings a dog may have such as being happy, angry and frightened and the different reasons a dog may have these feelings. Sarah showed the children how we can spot the different feelings when looking at a dog such as a wagging tail to show it is happy, showing teeth to show that it is angry or putting its tail between its legs to show its frightened.  Sarah then shared the five rules for a happy dog and how we can follow these rules in school so that Astro is always happy. 

The five happy dog rules are: 

  1. Resting dogs should be left alone 
  2. Eating dogs should be left alone 
  3. Always try to stay quiet around dogs, remember to play noisy games away from them. 
  4. Dogs do not like big hugs, they prefer a gentle stroke
  5. If a dog takes your toy you need to tell an adult 

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